Recommended Products

vintage edison bulb
LED vintage filament Edison bulbs
LED filament A19
LED filament A19 bulbs
S14 filament string light bulb
LED S14 filament string light bulbs
led vintage chandelier bulb
LED filament chandelier bulbs
LED filament globe/vanity bulbs
LED filament T10 tubular/picture bulb
br40 LED
LED BR40 large indoor floods (5")
br30 LED
LED BR30 medium indoor floods (3.5")
LED R20 small indoor flood (2.5")
LED a19
LED A19 household bulb (3000K soft white)
LED par38 outdoor flood
LED PAR38 outdoor flood (3000K soft white)(4.75")
led par20 flood
LED PAR20 small indoor flood (2700K soft white) (2.5")
LED T8 tube
LED plug & play tubes (4100K/"cool" color)

(works with your existing ballasts, just put it in the fixture)

** Check compatibility guide **

LED T8 tube
LED ballast bypass tubes color selectable 3000K/3500K/4000K/5000K/6000K

(easily bypass the ballast and never worry about it again)

** Anyone can do this **

LED T8 tube
LED dual-mode tube color selectable 3500K/4000K/5000K

(works with or without a ballast)